Important Compensation & Benefits Dept. Info.

We now have a dedicated email box for the Compensation & Benefits Department. This email should be used for leave of absence paperwork, questions, and reports. If you search in the email directory look for Tops Compensation & Benefits email, if you need to email mail us from your phone or home computer use:

Jenna, Mary, Lyndsey and Gail have access to the mailbox.

As we are preparing for the new NY Paid Family Leave that begins on 1/1/18 we are changing the responsibilities for the Leaves of Absence as follows:

West Region and Franchise – Lyndsey Zywczynski – phone 716-635-5305
East Region and Orchard Fresh – Mary Piekart – phone 716-635-5250

Jenna will continue to handle the salaried LOA’s!

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