Stops at Tops! Warsaw, NY Tops Friendly Markets!

Situated on Route 19 in Orleans County, the Warsaw, NY Tops Markets is a hidden gem! Walk into the store, and you’re greeted by a bright, warm and inviting atmosphere, along with friendly smiles – especially that of store manager, Charlene Merle.

Charlene, a resident of Batavia makes the short commute to Warsaw daily and loves the store, the customers and especially the associates as her second family.  Charlene’s first assignment as store manager was Warsaw, and now, 11 years later her leadership has defined the store.


Throughout the store, associates are proud to be a member of “their” Warsaw Tops and take great pride and ownership in its success.

Just ask Amy, Captain’s Choice Manager who has worked in the store for the past 18 years.  From cashier, to Carry Out Café, the Cheese Shop, the Scan Department, Receiving and even Donut Frying, Amy has done it all at the Warsaw Tops.  What makes it the place she proudly calls her second home?  “It’s the people I work with,” says Amy. “They are a good group.”


Rick, Warsaw’s Grocery Manager has seen his fair share of Tops stores.  With 36 years with the company and 22 stores under his belt, Rick, without hesitation, declares Warsaw as “the best in the company.” Rick proudly exclaims that the Warsaw area is “a different way of life.”  Customers are used to a country, relaxed shopping experience that he is proud to deliver.  The only thing missing in Warsaw adds Rick, is a Mighty Taco!


Both Angie, Prepared Foods Manager and Kara, Scan Coordinator are thankful for store manager, Charlene Merle for being such an extraordinary leader.  They both commented that Charlene is an empathetic and caring leader, understanding their roles as parents and that life, sometimes just happens and they are needed to react to matters concerning their families.



Linda, CSL and cashier has worked for Tops for 24 years, and thinks the store should stay just the size it is, with one addition, a fuel station!


Tina has worked in various capacities throughout the store, but enjoys the Warsaw location because of its close knit atmosphere.  Tina enjoys working with her brother, who is also an employee of the Warsaw Tops and hopes to progress with the company, maybe someday becoming store manager like her mother, Melissa Dillon.


The Warsaw Tops Markets is a unique store, with a quaint country charm! Feel free to stop by and visit the team next time you’re near! Charlene and her team will gladly welcome you with a friendly smile on their faces!

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