Print Your W-2 Here! Check Out ESS (Employee Self-Service)



Looking for your W-2? Click the link below and follow the instructions to get to what you’re looking for!

EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE “ESS”:A secure on-line portal allowing you to view & update your HR/Payroll information; allows for greater control
and access to your own information

How do I start using ESS?
1) Connect to the internet from any computer

2) Type the following URL into your browser address bar:

3) You will see the following sign on screen

4) User ID equals your Employee# – your Employee # is located on your paycheck directly under the Tops Markets, LLC logo
Emp # = (7700#####)
**Write down your employee # from your paycheck for future reference**

5) Password is: Birthdate plus last 4 digits of your SSN (MMDDYY####)
When you log on for the first time, you will be prompted to change the password
After changing your password, click the Save button and then the Continue button

6) Password Reset: Click on Forgot your password?
Your password will be reset to the default password of Birthdate plus last 4 digits of your SSN (MMDDYY####)

7) New User Checklist: Click on Personal Details to bring up the New User Checklist

**Must complete the New User Checklist in order to view pay information**
***If you do not make any changes to a section on the new user checklist, Click the Cancel or Back button, do NOT click the Save button****

Once all sections have a green arrow, click the Finish button to start using ESS

8) ESS MAIN PAGE – has two tabs: Home Tab and Personal Tab



Have Questions?
Any questions you have may be directed to Lise Jenkins in the Payroll Dept at (716) 635-5762 or Melinda Kender in the HRIS Dept at (716) 635-5948



What can I use ESS for?

Sign up for Direct Deposit: Add up to 4 direct deposit accounts
No more waiting in lines, having to go in on your day off, or worrying about weather events – remember “Snow-vember”

Go Paperless!! Stop receiving paper pay-stubs: No more paper pay-stubs with your pay information piling up or laying around to take care of “someday”
Sign up under the Direct Deposit Advice Consent tab
Need a record of your paystub? You can view and print your pay-stubs at any time, from any internet connected device – (January 2015 to current)

View and Reprint Annual W2’s (from 2014)
Lost your W2? Sign into ESS, under the Personal tab, select Pay Information, then Annual Statements from the drop down menu – from this screen you can view and print your 2014 W2

View and Update Name, Mailing Address, Phone, & Emergency Contact
SS Cards will continue to be required for all Name changes – send or fax to HRIS Dept
*Note: On the Phone tab, leave the 2 boxes on the bottom of the page blank, our payroll vendor is in the process of removing these options prior to rolling out the next phase

View and Print Weekly Pay Information (January 2015 to current)
Need a copy of any weekly pay-stub from 2015 ? No more waiting for a copy in the mail, just sign into ESS, go to the Pay Statement History tab
– select and print the paydates you need


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